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About Us

We created Armed & Jacked to help people embrace an active lifestyle by outfitting them with comfortable, unique, patriotic attire. Our Lifestyle brand is founded upon a desire to empower a generation of people who are conscious of their fitness choices and who have pride in self and in country. You don’t have to be Jacked to wear Armed & Jacked but you do have to love your Freedom.

This journey began by bonding over our mutual passion for fitness and patriotism, as three unique backgrounds: a soon to retire Police Sergeant with over 25 years on the job; a former local 25 union electrician, now a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with extensive knowledge in sports nutrition and competitive prep; and a Mom from a Military family with a lengthy and successful career in business development and growth. Our experiences laid the foundation for a successful operation that is geared towards patriotic, hardworking, like-minded individuals. We simply want you to be the best you can be!

Armed & Jacked supplies top quality custom gear and apparel. Our mission is to promote patriotism through the highest quality apparel and gear. All products are made in The USA and we are LEO and Military family owned and operated. Every purchase supports LEO’s, veterans, first responders and their families.

We are so much more than just another apparel company.  Armed & Jacked is a movement . We invite you to take part by joining a group of men and women from all walks of life who continually make the choice to be at the top of their game and who love their country.

For Love of Freedom & Fitness!